Huawei Introduces FreeClip open-ear buds


Open-ear earbuds are a more and more common option as people try to better integrate their digital and real-world lives. Still, the majority of these devices have a similar design: an earhook that rests the speaker over your ear, usually with the battery compartment behind your ear.

With a horseshoe-shaped design that encircles your middle ear, the Huawei FreeClip adopts a new strategy. The purple or black jewelry-like FreeClip will retail for 199 euros (about $214) in the U.K. and throughout Europe by the end of December. Regarding availability in the United States, there is currently no word.

Unlike the earhook form, the clip design is intended to be more comfortable for extended usage and won’t obstruct spectacles. According to Huawei, the speaker housing (the “Acoustic Ball”) and the back section (the “Comfort Bean”) are both ergonomically designed. The fascinating part, though, is the one that joins these two portions. Huawei claims that its C-bridge, which lessens the pressure on your ear cartilage, features an adaptive sensor that learns and modifies the clasp mechanism’s clamping force.

Additionally, the earbuds are reversible; most wireless earbuds do not fit well in one ear or the other because inbuilt sensors identify which bud is in which ear. Like other open-ear earbuds, the FreeClips don’t press against the entrance of your ear canal, allowing you to hear your music, calls, and podcasts in addition to outside noise.

Huawei claims to have created two solutions to address these issues: a high-sensitivity, dual magnetic circuit moving coil unit that enhances power delivery to the speakers and a reverse sound waves system that reportedly acts as a sort of noise cancellation to reduce any escaping sound. Normally, this leads to lower audio quality and possible sound leaks.

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As long as you clean them after every usage, Huawei claims that the FreeClips are rated IP54 for water and dust protection, so they should be able to resist perspiration and water spray. The battery has an eight-hour continuous usage rating, but with the charging case, it may be increased to 36 hours.

Huawei FreeClip Specifications

  • Measurements: about 26.70 x 22.00 x 25.30 mm

  • Case for charging: about 59.70 x 51.95 x 27.35 mm

  • Weight of Each Earbud: 5.6 g ± 0.3 g

  • Battery capacity: 55 mAh for each earbud, and 510 mAh for the charging case (minimum value)

  • Playback of music is possible for 8 hours after a full charge and for 36 hours when the charging case is utilized.

  • Control: For smooth control, tap the Comfort Bean, the C-bridge, or the Acoustic Ball. Double-tapping will play or pause audio or end/answer a call. Triple-tap to play the subsequent song.

  • Sensors include CAP, Hall, VPU, and IMU sensors.


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