Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

Samsung’s third-generation foldable phones include the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. In comparison to prior versions, the gadgets have vastly improved. The South Korean firm is working on a number of novel folding designs in the background. LetsGoDigital has reported on a Galaxy Z Flip & Slide smartphone that is exceptionally huge. A very unique and versatile multi-folding Galaxy Z Fold was also recently featured. Meanwhile, according to a newly disclosed patent, Samsung is looking into the possibility of manufacturing a pull-out phone with a transparent screen portion.

Retractable Samsung Galaxy phone with a spinning screen

Samsung Electronics submitted a patent for a ‘Slidable electronic equipment and method for utilizing transparent display in said electronic apparatus’ with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in July 2021. On March 10, 2022, the 97-page manual was released.

Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

The detailed documentation explains a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a wide-screen display. This allows you to instantly expand the display size, which is great for when you need a big screen. The interface adjusts itself based on how it is used. So yet, there has been no news, but Samsung Display did exhibit a comparable prototype last year. The options, however, do not end there.

The smartphone’s flexible display runs from the right side to the rear. It is therefore a double-sided display telephone in its most compact version. One unique feature is the ability to detach the screen from the housing in the rear, allowing you to use this display section in the front to create a bigger screen area.

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Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

The screen may then be rotated much more to make it upright. This gives it a laptop-like form factor, which adds to its adaptability. In this manner, you may run numerous programmes simultaneously without any issues. Ideal for business, as well as for fun, such as mobile gaming or watching multimedia material.

The back of the display is supported when it is upright, preventing the screen from accidentally firing back. As we already know from the Galaxy Z Fold 3, this unique phone will include S Pen functionality.

The transparent screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Slide

The options are endless. Samsung aims to make it a transparent screen portion, according to the documentation. Polarizing plates are used to accomplish this. The degree of transparency varies depending on the use, ranging from completely transparent to slightly translucent.

Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

The display will turn translucent as soon as the user desires to snap a photo, allowing the camera to show through clearly. A filter type, such as an ultraviolet filter, a neutral L filter, a polarising filter, or a cross filter, can also be chosen.

Multiple cameras are included in the proprietary Samsung Galaxy Z Slide. The back camera system is made up of many sensors that are hidden underneath the display. A wide-angle and telephoto camera, as well as a stitching camera, are being discussed. There is also an infrared projector built in to measure the distance between things. In addition, a front-facing camera is incorporated under the display for selfies and video chats. A spinning camera that may be oriented both forwards and backwards is an option.

Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

There are additional benefits to using a transparent phone. For instance, you might set the device on a document or book, which would then be scanned by the camera, with the translation shown on the transparent screen component. The text’s slope is also adjusted to match the original.

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Models of Samsung’s foldable and extensible smartphones

Flexible screens bring up a slew of new options. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 smartphones are already the first examples of this. However, as this patent demonstrates, there are a plethora of other alternatives.

Samsung patent a transparent foldable display for the Galaxy Z Slide

Samsung appears to be looking into all options for pull-out cellphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 Samsung Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3’s Galaxy Unpacked 2021 and Galaxy Z Roll names were both filed as trademarks by the South Korean firm last year. There were reports at the time that Samsung might unveil its first rollable smartphone in 2022.

The situation of this phone has remained rather quiet since then. Nonetheless, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we’ll hear more about this in the second half of 2022. Around August, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be released. By then, it’s probable that Samsung may provide more information about the rollable phone it’s working on.

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