Samsung’s One UI 4.0 comes with a stylish weather widget.

In select regions, including Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Samsung has released the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 beta update for the Galaxy S21 series. One UI 4.0 adds a whole new widget picker and new lock screen widgets to the stock Android 12 codebase, in addition to all of the functionality included in the stock Android 12 codebase. The updated software also includes a new weather widget, as we noticed.

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It’s referred to as a Dynamic Weather widget by the South Korean company. In the widget picker screen, it’s at the top of the Weather section. The Dynamic Weather widget, unlike other weather widgets, has a bright background and attractive animations.

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Depending on the current weather conditions, the animations and backdrop colours vary. When the weather is cloudy, it turns to light blue, and when thunderstorms occur, it changes to grey.

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It also shows the current location, the last time the information was refreshed, and a button to manually refresh the information. It also employs Samsung’s new loading animation, which debuted with One UI 4.0. Of course, you may modify the size of the new widget to match your requirements.

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