Search results for Google Search on mobile continue scrolling.

In the United States, Google is slowly rolling out its continuous scroll functionality for most English smartphone searches. Users can now see up to four pages of results in Google Search before clicking the See more button. Both the Android and iOS Google Search apps will get the new feature.

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After scrolling over the four-page mark, users will still see a “See more” option. The new continuous scrow function, according to Google, helps users to get additional ideas and inspiration for tasks like cooking. Also, the new function allows Google to display more advertising in front of its consumers.

Beginning today, continuous scrolling is starting to roll out to Google Search for most English searches on mobile devices in the US. Learn more:

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) October 14, 2021

For example, before choosing how to proceed with a wide, open-ended topic like “What can I do with pumpkins?” you may want to consider more results and inspiration. A wider range of results may reveal a plethora of choices you hadn’t considered, such as no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween, pumpkin seed recipes that make your gourd worth carving, as well as other ways to make the most of your gourd.


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