[Unboxing]: Galaxy Z Flip4 Is Redesigned By Maison Margiela

[Unboxing] Galaxy Z Flip4 Is Redesigned By Maison Margiela

On November 9, Samsung Electronics and Maison Margiela announced a brand-new Galaxy Z Flip4 special edition.

A unique and elegant appearance distinguishes the Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition. Starting with the packaging, the box has the distinctive white hue of Maison Margiela, making it feel as though you are unwrapping a piece of art.

Opening the package reveals a leather cover and a cover with a number coding ring. The items seem slick and high-class since the covers include the brand’s distinctive four stitches logo. When you first switch on the smartphone, you’ll see a custom UX theme created especially for this limited edition.

How does Maison Margiela, the haute couture label that stands for individuality, seem when Samsung’s cutting-edge technology is worn? Watch the unboxing video below to learn more.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Unboxing Video

In South Korea, the cost of the Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela is KRW 2,550,000, or around $1,920. Interested parties can apply to buy the gadget on Samsung’s website. On December 3, the winners who will have the opportunity to purchase the phone will be announced.

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