Samsung Galaxy S23 Lineup New Leak Reveals


As we get closer to the actual Galaxy S23 launch on February 1, the hits Keep on coming. We’ve seen official renderings of the three Galaxy S23 variants in various leaks in recent days, and now there’s another that shows the whole lineup in every colour and from nearly every angle.

This should be the final leak of the new phones’ official renderings – in the following days, we can anticipate some real-life photographs of the Galaxy S23 series phones and further information on the features of the three versions. We already have a solid notion of the specifications owing to prior speculations, but that doesn’t mean additional official information won’t leak before Samsung’s Unpacked event.


Do you know how many more Galaxy S23 leaks are on the way?

What’s remarkable about these Galaxy S23 images is how similar the phones appear to the iPhone at first sight. It’s all because of that wallpaper, which is probably trying to portray the moon to allude to the increased photographic abilities of the new flagship but isn’t delivering the message as well as it might. The new separate rear camera rings on non-Ultra versions also don’t assist.


Of course, there’s a chance that Samsung is counting on this iPhone-like vibe to entice users to buy a Galaxy S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra when they see commercials for the devices outside or on their mobile or television displays. If that’s the case, we don’t blame Samsung, though we expect the business to be better than ripping off Apple’s iPhones after being the top Android maker for almost a decade.

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