Now Official Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra S-View Flip cases leaked


The whole Galaxy S23 range has now leaked. And, now that the design is no longer a mystery, the leaks are shifting their emphasis to other areas, such as the official accessories Samsung wants to match with the Galaxy S23 series after launch.

A few press renderings of protective covers for the Galaxy S23 Ultra have surfaced (via @evleaks). The renderings show the silicone cases for this year as well as the design of the future S-View Flip Cover. The latter has credit card slots as well as a tiny window for the Always On Display function.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra S-View Flip cases accessories 

The majority of the case colours mirror the Galaxy S23 range, as revealed in prior leaked renderings, and so come in black, green, pink, and cream. However, a navy blue silicone cover for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available, and it’s conceivable that similar accessories may be available in more hues that we haven’t seen yet.


Similarly, Samsung is likely to announce additional cover designs for the Galaxy S23 series. Stay tuned as they may leak before the flagship’s formal reveal at Unpacked.


In terms of design, these cases fulfil our previous expectations for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone improves on the previous Galaxy S22 Ultra design, with squarer edges and unique cutouts for each rear-facing camera.


In terms of cameras, Samsung’s leaked teasers make a big fuss about low-light photography and astrophotography. The Galaxy S23 Ultra might be the company’s first smartphone with a high-resolution 200MP main camera. The Ultra model will receive this hardware change, but the other series should receive camera enhancements in some way or another.

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Galaxy-S23-Ultra-Cover-01 Galaxy-S23-Ultra-Cover-02

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S23 series will be unveiled on February 1st at Unpacked. The flagships are soon arriving, and interested shoppers can already reserve them online for $50 in Samsung Credit.



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